Aurigny was acquired as a lifeline service, and so it has proved during COVID. Now it could also become an “economic enabler”, affording an opportunity to generate income and promote a national brand. The States’ subsidy requires protection but should cover the core lifeline service only, with Aurigny free to develop other areas at its own risk and discretion. Meanwhile, plans for extending the runway should be put on ice until the post-COVID aviation picture becomes clearer.

Inter-island links, particularly with Jersey, need to be improved – sea links as well as air links. Thought should be given to rationalised arrangements for sea travel: a service-level agreement could perhaps be negotiated in conjunction with Jersey’s government.

Internal to the island, environmentally friendly modes of transport should be encouraged wherever possible. Walking and cycling, with their attendant health benefits, need to be promoted, as also the wider use of public transport. Electrification of road transport should also be a long-term goal, perhaps assisted through soft loans and tax breaks for the purchase of electric vehicles, and the installation of more recharging points.