Jonathan Crossan Official Campaign Portrait


Hi. I’m Jonathan Crossan and I’m standing as a candidate for Deputy in this year’s General Election. I would describe myself as a finance professional with an environmental and social conscience. This manifesto concentrates on my core interests, which are practical and economic. If we do not get these fundamentals right, then all else is just a wish-list. That said, my values are those of tolerance, respect and concern for all – and, within the limits of the possible, it will be my goal to promote a fair and secure society for every islander.

Our Challenges

  • COVID, Brexit, constitutional threats, climate change
  • The way out – sustain the economy by playing to our financial strengths
  • Sustainability – future-proof Guernsey by developing green finance internationally and building a green economy locally
  • Get things done – increase the States’ efficiency by instituting clearer lines of authority, more effective decision-making, and tighter collective discipline

My commitment

I believe that the modern role of States Deputy requires one hundred per cent of an incumbent’s energy and attention, and, if fortunate enough to be elected, I intend to make this my full-time job.